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Learn to press the “PAUSE” button on your Anxiety.



Hey man, it is time to talk about your emotions.


PCI College is engaging with Men's Health  Week and for this period, we are offering this free workshop just for all our male friends, partners and family members who are not open about their feelings.


We have a question: is anxiety holding you back in your life?  Are you fed up firefighting anxiety symptoms?


Anxiety is very common in society today.  While Anxiety is a natural response to danger, threat, or fear, it can feel overwhelming, crippling, filling us with dread. When we become fearful or anxious, the brain signals a stress response that releases stress hormones, flooding the body in preparation for defence, known as the fight, flight, freeze response. This practical workshop will help you to understand the importance of activating the relaxation response, as part of your anxiety management, self-care programme.  The arrival of Covid-19 has amplified the anxiety response to fear. We are unique individuals and each of us react differently to stressful situations in our lives. 


We have access to so much technology in the world, however, knowing is not enough, the brain needs to experience new learning, for change to occur.



Course Details

This experiential workshop  is solely for men, offering some useful tips to help you rein in anxiety symptoms, put the brakes on constant negative thoughts that spiral out of control by returning to the body, the place where you can effect change in the here and now.



Venue: Live online class


Duration:  18h to 21h

Next Start Date (Full Course): 16th of June - Tuesday

Caroline Pedley

Bsc. (Hons) Couns./Psych, Supervisor, MIACP., Prof. Cert. CBT., CSME,  iRest level 1 Teacher.


Caroline is a lecturer with PCI College. She is a clinical Somatic Movement Educator and has trained in Ireland and India and teaches functional integration through body awareness and somatic movement. Her particular interest is in Stress, anxiety and pain management, and how they show up in the body landscape. Addressing these issues with a blend of cognitive behavioural therapy and developing sensory awareness of habitual patterns held in the body. Caroline is a professional trained integrative therapist and supervisor and practices in Blanchardstown and Maynooth.


What our Students Say

“My experience with PCI was the best decision in my life, I would rate PCI 10. I'm not saying it was easy, especially starting a new career at the age of 50, but I got through with a lot of hard work and dedication. Liam McCarthy and Josephine Murphy were an inspiration and all the other Tutors I had during the four years. Since I got my Degree I have been so busy counselling, only last week I was offered another new job, its amazing. Next year I will be 70 and hopefully the work will continue.”
Rita Lett BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy Graduate

What our Students Say

“The course has opened up my mind and my emotions to all aspects of human life both positive and negative. Because of this, I believe I am a much more rounded person & the possibilities are endless. For me the practical application along with the academic understanding really enriches the course...”
Susan Gorman - BSc (Hons) in Addiction Counselling Graduate
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